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Washing Machine Not Working?‎We Repair All Makes And Models.

There is nothing worse than loading up your washing machine with a pile of laundry only to discover your machine isn’t working properly. Modern washers function on an array of complex systems, switches, and controls. If any point of the system shuts down, your entire machine goes with it. Additionally, wrongly installed parts or damaged pipes can leave you with major leaks and issues, along with loads of undone laundry.

We offer in Nairobi include Repair of broken washing machine drum, Replacement of the touch control panel,
Repair of washing machine inlet system, Replacement of drainage pump and servicing the washers drainage pump
Repair of washer dryer drying system, replacing temperature sensor and heating element .
Replacement of water inlet solenoid.

Common Washing Machine Problems include:

  • Washing machine will not start, no power,
  • Washing machine noisy,
  • Washing machine will not drain or is noisy on drain cycle,
  • Washing machines drum not washing, turning or spinning,
  • Washing machine not spinning,
  • Washing machine not heating or over heating,
  • Washing machine not filling,
  • Bad smell from washing machine,
  • Washing machine lights flash and won’t work,
  • Washing machine leaks from the front,
  • washer is leaking,
  • washer will not start,
  • Clothes are damaged after washing,
  • Clothes are still dirty,
  • Door will not open at end of programme,
  • Drum will not rotate,
  • Machine overfills and floods,
  • No water entering machine,
  • Stuck on wash cycle,
  • Washer doesn’t fill with water
  • Washer/Dryer doesn’t dry

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