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We are a Nairobi based plumbing Contractor providing professional and guaranteed materials and services for residential and commercial clients. Our plumbers in Nairobi are internationally accredited and can handle any plumbing problems easily and fast. We work for house owners, institutions, factories, consulates and expatriates. From Basic Apartment or Office Repairs to Building-wide Upgrades to Ongoing Maintenance, Our Plumbers Delivers a Level of Service and Professionalism rarely seen anymore.

We provide a wide range of plumbing services for both commercial and residential properties, including installation and basic repairs and maintenance. We know that even a small leak can cause major problems, which is why we are open around the clock every day. We can assist you with plumbing emergencies in Nairobi estates such as water leaks or clogged pipes. Our quick response minimizes damage and keeps your costs in check. Outside of an emergency, our comprehensive services include pump services, drain cleaning and repair, and valve repair or replacement. Additionally, we specialize in the repair, installation and maintenance of water heaters and instant water heaters. No matter what your plumbing needs are, you can count on our plumbers or technicians located in every estate in Nairobi ready to provide quality, affordable solutions

Residential Services Include;

  • New toilets, sinks, faucets & fixtures of all kinds
  • Complete Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry &
  • Utility room installations and upgrades
  • Install frost free sillcocks
  • Rodding of all sewer & drain lines
  • Installing & repairing of all sump pumps,
  • Ejector pumps & battery back-up sump pumps
  • Installing & repairing of all faucets & garbage disposals
  • Installing & repairing water heaters (gas & electric)
  • Installing power vent & continuous flow Water Heaters•
  • Repairing all leaks (water or gas)
  • Restore water pressure
  • Replacing old galvanized piping with new
  • copper and CPVC piping
  • Video inspection of sewer lines
  • Locate broken sewer lines
  • Repair any broken sewer or water lines
  • Install gas lines
  • Repair urinals & flushometer toilets
  • Correcting all plumbing violations
  • Hydro jetting sewer lines
  • Install Icemaker lines
  • Install Water Softeners
  • Thawing frozen pipes
  • Cleaning & rodding grease traps & catch basins
  • Repair ceiling leaks
  • Install gas fireplaces and grills
  • Whole House Repipe

For quality and affordable plumbing services in Nairobi and other counties in Kenya, Contact us to schedule a free plumbing inspection on any of your plumbing equipments. We will advise you in all aspects – from repairs to installation. Your plumbing work will stay durable if the right materials and workmanship is applied appropriately

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